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Bless Garba 

The month of March just ended.

It has been exciting and fun sharing stuff with you all.

People will belittle you and try their best to tag labels to you for the past life you had lived or just to mock you or bring you down but who cares?

Yes you may fail more times than you get to be winning but giving up is NOT an option that you need to consider at all. No matter the excuse involved its time to have a different perspective to failure.

As small business owners and employees who want to have more out of life as we work to scale up on our financial plans to create a sustainable income base for the future while also working to build an early retirement plan for your future life beginning now, you need to observe what others, who have succeeded at what you want to do, have done to get ahead and then do it as well or even do much more better than they have done.

You can create your own path and plan your own future on your own terms.

When you keep working the normal way by exchanging your time to earn some more extra cash, it may be a slow process but at least it beats doing nothing at all and relying consistently on yourself for continuous efforts makes you build up a stronger mind and muscles that helps you to push your efforts up a knotch to do something more differently to go a bit faster.

You need to consider that without taking up any additional income streams today, your future life may be less beautiful and glamorous as you will envision it to be and your dream may take longer to build.

The truth is that time changes people and if you are not ready to embrace the change that will push you to become better and doing it deliberately, then your dreams may never become a reality.

Promotion comes from God, but what happens when you are not promoted due to your cadre based on your qualifications now?

Will you be ready to wait for the next five or ten years or more just to discover that you need to go back to school again before you can change cadre and get promoted?

My mom never got to be the head of her Government Parastatal or a director where she worked mor did she get promoted beyond level 14 because of a restriction, this dichotomy distinction between HND and University graduates in the Nigerian civil service.

Yes it’s been here for so long and has affected many from reaching their peak at their workplaces.

Yes boss  some limitations are as real as what you can easily change by going back to schools while some are on your mindset.

To change cadre at your work place you will need to upgrade your intrinsic knowledge from a known, approved and accepted formal institution of learning in Nigeria. Experience doesn’t matter here; it’s real.

Deciding to ignore this means you have chosen what you want to have until your final retirement from the civil service either by age at 60-65years or after an active 35 years of service to the country.

So what are you doing to change and improve yourself daily?

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When you desire to create the wealthy lifestyle of your choice, you need to become intentional and live life with higher expectations from yourself without reducing it to suit your weaknesses.

Choosing to do nothing simply means you have accepted a life of nothingness, temporal enjoyment and instant results that will not care about building wealth in the long run.

Poverty is something that you have the power and audacity to reject if you are willing, ready and determined to make yourself prosperous in life.

It is about the power of your perspectives maybe I should say your beliefs, myths and core values are a Paramount issue when it comes to wealth creation.

What’s your mindset about abundance and wealth creation?

Do you think its possible to create wealth no matter your circumstances or do you think there are a group of people who are entitled to have wealth as a birthright in society and you’re not part of them?

What happens when you get the chance to do something that will push you towards wealth creation, will you embrace it or chose to do nothing?

How you make your bed is how you get to lie on it. You have to decide what you want and be consistent on pursuing it.

I do believe that when you get intentionally focused to start to do some things differently, deliberately and definitely towards a particular goal,  you can have the wealthy lifestyles of your own choice.

Dare to observe and become a devoted and obedient DOER daily of things that will work out for your own good.

Go the high road to create sustainable income streams today and sow the necessary seeds for your early retirement plan for tomorrow.

Join our journey to your wealthy lifestyles of choices. It’s your time now.
It begins with your perspective and I pray that you will find ways to fix your problems even before you notice them.

Don’t allow other people and their opinions try to shift you from your much needed wealthy lifestyles of choices. Nothing beats becoming a better version of yourself.
Program your tomorrow by working intentional today.

Become the better version of yourself.

us, do you want to be outstanding or just to live like the rest of the world?

#TentmakersNG #StartUpCornerNG


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