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Five Problems Mangoes Can Solve in Your Life

Damilola Adejumo

1. Mangoes can heal your broken heart. Doubting Thomas, try it fest nau. You cannot be eating mangoes and still be crying over who no send you. Except maybe the problem is spiritual sha. Then I’ll suggest you ti esè ilé bò.

2. Mango will solve your spiritual problems. When you eventually ti esè ilé bò, the baba will most likely still refer you to the mango sellers down your street, only this time he’ll give you chalk to lick after eating the mangoes so your stubborn tears can dry up.

3. Mangoes will solve your financial problems. But of course. You can buy mangoes for your boss at work and use style to ask for salary increment. Test and see first, don’t be doubting these things. If you are a CEO at Self-employed, you can kuku start selling mangoes too.


4. Mango will solve your hunger problems. You can buy mangoes, find a comfortable position to sit (on the floor, for maximum enjoyment) and use enjoyment to kee yourself. Because you cannot come and kee yourself and just die o jare.

5. Mango will make you to be happy. You can just be looking at mangoes and your heart will be leaping for joy oninown.

If you now kuku want to finish work, pair chilled mango smoothie with his senior sister, jollof. That means enjoyment haff taken you to the tenth heaven niyen. It’s impossible to recover from that kind of enjoyment.

Half a trial will confuse ,erm I mean convince you.



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