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If you attend a “high powered” meeting with your boss and you have a contrary opinion to his/hers on an issue or you have more facts on the issue than what the boss presented, how would you manage it?
A. Speak up at the meeting about your contrary opinion or the additional facts
B. Pass a note or send a text/WhatsApp message (whichever is effective) with your contrary opinion or additional facts to your boss.
C. Keep quiet at the meeting and speak to your boss about it later.
D. Others: Tell us how else you’ll manage the issue.

We got great responses from the Facebook post. Here are some.

Depends on “what” your boss is. but in most cases, it is safer to seek audience after the meeting

If an immediate decision will be taken about the project, i will speak up in a manner that doesn’t diminish his presentation but appears to add a valuable consideration for alternative scenarios
Here’s what I’d say …(depending on the scenario)
Thank you Sir/Ma’am for (this is where you acknowledge the positives that he/she has projected)
However, it may be worth considering the following alternatives (this is where you detail your objections in short sentences with proven reasons attached; given instances of where these have been counter productive where able)
Then leave the final decision to him/her.
What this does is;
1 . Gives the person validation on parts of his/her presentation that works
2. Presents more for the Team to consider and/or debate upon
3. Exonerates you if the “manuda” hits the fan if they go ahead without taking the points on board
Silence often means acquiescence, so don’t just keep quiet for peace’s sake.
I think it depends on the kind of boss you have. There are some that will feel insulted by any contrary opinion expressed whether in the meeting or privately.
A good boss though will leave room for you to be able to express yourself without fear.
I would present it like an additional option
You can say I’m my Chairman’s Confidential Secretary cum PA so we go for most meetings together. He do need my input most times and if I see that what the other parties are pushing to him won’t pay us or I see that what he is proposing to the other party wont be in our favour , I signal to him to check his phone Or I nibble a message in my ever ready jotter and just push it in front of him since we sit together.
If your boss is evil, better let him go to that meeting by himself! LOL. I will most likely do a C.

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