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We sampled opinions on how people feel about Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The responses are really instructive.


Facebook groups are amazing haha.I like the audience,the exposure, just perfect.
WhatsApp groups are tricky.

I love the flexibility with groups.
My only issue is when people use groups in ways other than intended eg posting about fashion in a book club, lol.


For such posts admins should pull them down.

Exhausting. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

Facebook group is the bomb for marketing my brand,honestly. The groups used to be exhausting until I discovered that truth.


Facebook groups are for drama joor where if one person has issues with the administrator the other members will gang up against the person without confirming who is at fault.

For growing a business
Relaxing when bored.
And can be annoying if you find yourself in a mess of a group.


I use a publicised WhatsApp group to collect interested partners. After educating them, I then add ONLY those that meet up into my inner circle.

That publicised WhatsApp group does not last for more than a month as I would have added the serious ones to my main WhatsApp group which the link is not public…

We’ll love to hear what your experience has been in Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Please leave a comment.

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