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Ronke requested to join TTM Grooming Shop.
TTM Grooming Shop was set up by Denike to help beauty, fashion and personal grooming business owners learn how to use their online presence to grow their own businesses.
Denike looks at Ronke’s profile before approving the request. She finds out that Ronke runs a group, Naija Fashion, that has a similar objective as TTM Grooming Shop.
Denike is concerned that Ronke has come to steal the members that she has been gathering for the past 2 years.
Should Denike approve Ronke’s request?


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Here are the responses I liked the most.

Habeebat Badmus:

Maybe not her group members but her contents.

If Denike has faithful members guess they won’t leave her group to join Ronke but rather join Ronke to gather more knowledge.

Now the competition begins between Denike and Ronke’s posts but only the creative between them will have the members’ attention.

Peter Kanayo:

The question you should ask is this: what is her group size? Her group size will tell you if you can develop a mutual beneficial relationship. The fact you both have similar businesses doesn’t mean you guys can not partner. One thing you need to ask is if her content skills are better than yours. If it is then perhaps you can opt not to accept the request.

Ifeoluwa Adeniran Omaghomi

Can they both consider co-operation instead of seeing themselves as competition?

Leverage on each other, I’m sure if they both sit to discuss, they’ll reach an agreement.

At times as entrepreneurs, our competitive instincts can becloud our eyes from seeing other opportunities.

Except if one person has horrible character, a collaboration wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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Esther Ozioma Goodnews

Why not? We all have our areas of uniqueness even though we find ourselves in the same business.

Fear is a killer and will never make us see opportunity in our difficulty.


Map out ways you feel you can work hand in hand with her, thereby helping her to fully maximize her potential as well as moving your business forward.

Except you have no VISION AND STRATEGY for your business, that is why you FEAR that she has come to steal the little you have.

Keep learning, keep searching for more knowledge and ways to improve your services better. The sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly.

Adebukola Bassey:

It depends on your purposes for creating the group’s and the ground rules. For example, are business/ad posts allowed? Is the person a sneaky sort that will go inbox and try to “steal” your members to their own group?

I know members can also meet and mix with your competitors elsewhere so you don’t have to tight the world to your chest.

Are they the type you can collaborate with? Or it’s competition all the way?


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