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Meet The SUC Entrepreneur – Episode 1

Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Name : Zainab N G Adekunle
Mother of two, widow and passionate entrepreneur.

How did you decide to take the entrepreneurial plunge?

Right from way back in school, I was into selling clothes in school. I never liked the idea of a 9-5 job.

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Zainab N G Adekunle of Zee’s Signature Zobo

Can you tell us about the first sale or contract you got as an entrepreneur? What was your reaction?

Wow, that’s been a while but its always like having a breath of fresh air. The most recent was during this pandemic.
I just thought to make cloth facemasks for my mum, kids and I at first.
Then, the thought of selling came up. It was like a joke but I posted on Facebook with the encouragement of Start Up Corner and boom, I had an order of a hundred facemasks from the UK.
“It felt good” in Henry dangers voice, lol.

Tell us about one challenge you experienced as an entrepreneur and how you addressed the challenge?

Hhhhhmmm so many. I don’t even know which to pick from.
But I have learnt basically to always have a back up plan.
For example, when the prices of bottles doubled, I had to ask customers to bring their own bottles for Zobo because we have a policy of not recycling as one

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Where do you see your business in the next 10 years?

For my clothing line, I have always wanted them in shops as ready to wear.
Zee’s Signature Zobo will be like Coca Cola, a multi million naira Zobo company.

What counsel do you have for start-up business owners?

Never give up. Yes sometimes it feels like its not working or its not profitable; just keep at it.

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What counsel do you have for the person that wants to start a business and isn’t quite sure what to do and how to get started?

What to do – something you find pleasure in doing that comes naturally to you without hassles.
How is just start – Start, no matter how small. No loans biko; I learned the hard way.

Has your location been a challenge in running your business? If so, how have you managed it?

No it hasn’t. With social media these days, I don’t see location as an issue. One can place an order from wherever and get it delivered.

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