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Raising Children As A Single Parent

When we think of a nuclear family the image that springs to our consciousness is one of a group of people consisting of Mummy, Daddy and child or children. However in reality there are many times that life happens and we see a one parent family. Sadly, there is still some stigma attached to this which makes an already tough job even harder but many single parents have raised well -rounded individuals successfully. Think Barack Obama, T.Y Bello, Michael Phelps, Halle Berry and so many more. Here are a few tips that may help people raising children as a single parent.

Stand tall:  Like I wrote earlier life happens and whether you are a single parent by accident, incident or design you need to own it. Don’t allow anyone make you feel inferior or judge you. How you feel about yourself will help you became the best parent you can be; ensure you build your confidence so you can instil same in your children. There is a legal maxim that says “nemo quad non habet” (you cannot give what you don’t have) so as your children see you stand tall and confident they too will imbibe the same vibes.

Build their confidence: As a single parent, it is extremely important that you build your child’s self-confidence which is more important than anything. It is natural for them to seek validation, acceptance etc. with empathy encourage them to open up and talk to you as it would definitely help. As you build your child’s confidence you must continually boost it through words of affirmation and encouragement. Let them know that they are worthy, as Oprah puts its it ” I am worthy because I am“. A great way to do this is by  helping them establish their self worth in their heavenly father who created them in His awesome image for a purpose and for his glory. Once your children understand this then their sense of worth will be unshakeable!

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Talk to your children: Being raised by a single parent can be challenging for a child and not explaining what exactly is going on will make it even more of a challenge. You may think they are too young but if things suddenly change for a child i.e. Daddy or Mummy exit through divorce or demise then you need to talk to them. If you don’t know what to say then consider getting a professional to assist. I am sure we all know people who after losing a parent suffered for years, this pain can be ameliorated by proper communication. A good way is by having an honest conversation, telling them that even though Mummy or Daddy is not present they will not lack your love or commitment as a parent. Also, listen to them too so you know exactly how they are feeling and how you can help. Communication is so important and will help build their confidence as well as make them feel less conscious of being the one who doesn’t live with Mummy and Daddy.

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