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Important Considerations Before And During Fasting

I shared the post below by Nina Ndubuisi.

On Monday I had a one2one meeting with one of my staff, she was perfectly healthy and her usual chatty self.

On Tuesday at 9.35am she contacted me asking, if she could work from home as all her clients had cancelled, I authorised it.

At 10.15am, I received a call from her son, informing me that, his mum had collapsed and was not responding and barely breathing.

An ambulance was sent and she was rushed to hospital. Thankfully she survived, after several tests and the doctors not being able to find anything medically wrong with her, they discharged her the following day.

This morning, I went to do a welfare check on her at home, she was her usual chatty self, but she looked very tired. She assured me she’s okay and would return to work on Monday, I didn’t feel comfortable with that but in the end, I can’t force her to stay at home.

As I was about to leave, she had a visitor, we exchanged pleasantries, then they started chatting in Yoruba – I don’t understand Yoruba (except the swear words), but I was able to pick out a few words from what they were saying and what I understood was;
21 days
Her church

I asked her if she had been fasting and she told me she had been fasting for 21 days from; 6am – 12 noon but after each day throughout the 21 day fasting period, she had been living on only – fruits and raw vegetables as directed by her pastor!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately threw professionalism and boundaries out of the window and screamed at her!!!!!!!!
I reminded her that we women lose a lot every month through our monthly period and without a good balanced diet, rest and as little stress as possible, it is impossible for us to regain what we lose each month.

Why am I sharing this?

Next week Wednesday lent begins and a lot of Christians will start fasting.

Before you embark on any fast, check with your doctor NOT YOUR PASTOR!!!!! To ensure you are well enough to do the fast.

Avoid dry fasting!!!!

Two things to bear in mind;
1. Fasting will not guarantee you entry to heaven/paradise.

2. If you die from complications of fasting – you have committed suicide!!

Receive sense, use your brains and be wise.

The comments on the post are equally enlightening.

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I think she was also not taking enough fruits and raw vegetables. Even if she wants to fast, she must make sure she is well nourished on those fruits and raw vegetables.

Exactly! There are starchy veggies and fruits that can take the place of carbs for energy and so on… after all some people live on a vegan diet, she must have been taking them sparsely.


Depends on your health condition. Have a friend who is a professional faster and has just had 3 operations to fix a perforated bowel.


I won’t be surprised if it was the result of hyperacidity, especially if it was the upper bowel.


It was as a result of the hyperacidity. He did every fast both dry and otherwise that (his church) was doing.

Please check with your doctor before and during your fast. He/she is probably more qualified than your pastor to give you medical advice.

Welcome to my world!


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