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I asked this question on my WhatsApp status recently.

WhatsApp Status

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I got this response from Sanmi Akomolafe of EcoTabit LLC.

Please check out the amazing stuff she does on the Facebook page.

I did it sis and she still argued my pain with me so I just went to my doctor and got two weeks excuse off work. She almost wanted to pass out. I had been on pain pills for 3 weeks so I could work but the day I found out that she never cared about my health was the day I took my health more serious. I almost broke down mentally and now I left that job to face business.

I had panic attacks twice at work and was mentally breaking down. Mind you, I don’t call in even if the kids are sick before oh. I had gone 9 months without calling in before and accrued 160 plus hours of sick time. Please what is the essence of sick time accrual if I get points every time I am sick even though I try my best to work cover extra shift for them?

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I found out most managers don’t really care about their staffs and wouldn’t mind them dying on the job. It hurts because the insurance is free for full time staffs but I had to let go before I run mad.
Last week Tuesday was my last day. I was scared of getting write ups at work than getting better. I can’t ever put myself last for any job any more. I didn’t know it has affected me that bad. I pray to be able to share my story one day.
Thanks for listening to my TedTalk.

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Don’t worry about Sanmi Akomolafe being unemployed. She now has time to do things she had been stalling on. I’m expecting her blog and she’ll soon start a talk show. The logo is already ready sef.

Real Talk With Sanmi

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