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Ademola Owolabi

On August 6, 2020, Hon. Justice I Harrison struck down the power of Eko Electricity Distribution Company to demand that a new tenant or new owner of a property should pay for power consumed on a property by the previous tenant or owner.

Often, DISCOs will refuse to connect a new user unless previous bills incurred by a previous consumer is paid by a new user. It effectively imposed past liability on the new user. Our client was in that category.

We took the matter to Court and the Justice Harrison upheld our position and went ahead to award N1,000,000.00 as damages against Eko Electricity.

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As lawyers, we should use the law to advance a healthy society. Discos should go after the actual debtors and stop transferring the debt liability to the new users.

We do hope the judgment of today will restore sanity in this area so that monopolies will stop putting their knees on our collective necks!’

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