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Apostle Kolawole Johnson Is Dead Episode 1

Faith Oyewole

Episode 1

Elder Shodunde was with his wife in an old but neat and arranged sitting room. He was busy reading what seemed like an old newspaper while his wife was trying to arrange some clothes. Each of them was so busy that none could hear when Elder’s phone rang thrice. They heard after the third ring.

As Elder stood up to pick the call, it ended. As he was trying to check who called, the phone rang again and he picked the call instantly.

Hello… Elder Shodunde on the line“.

Deacon, please repeat what you just said.”

There was two minutes silence.

Oh my God! What happened?.”

“Ah! Ok, ok… I will get back to you, it is well indeed“.

He ended the call and bowed his head for some minutes.

Daddy, who was on the call? And I hope all is well.” Mrs Shodunde asked anxiously.

Mummy, it is well but you have to take heart o, Apostle has gone to be with the Lord“.

“No, it’s not possible. How can a man of God, full of life just die like that?“.

Mrs Shodunde was wailing in tears and her husband was also bothered about Apostle’s death.

As they were grieving, Mrs Ngozi, the women leader came in and saw the atmosphere.
Elder, mummy, hope what I heard is not true” Mrs Ngozi asked with all seriousness.

It’s true madam, I just received a call from Deacon Mathew.” Elder said.

Oh my God! What is this oh Lord?” Mrs Ngozi lamented and started crying.

Elder Shodunde received another call from Deacon to meet him at the church. He left and the two women consoled themselves with the word of God that a righteous is taken before the evil day comes.

Apostle Kolawole Johnson Is Dead

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The extended family of Apostle Kolawole Johnson had received the news of their son’s death and an impromptu meeting was held on how to bury him.

Olori ebi, will the second house be ok for his burial or the house where his wife and children reside?” Asked one of the Apostle siblings.

The second house is better to me o but let’s hear what his wife will say” Olori ebi said.

Still in a sorrowful mood, the family put a call to the wife and she accepted that her husband could be buried in the second house. The family also received information from the church that they would buy the coffin for the burial.

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As the burial program was planned, Romolake, Apostle younger sister entered with loud voice.

Who ever killed my brother will not go unpunished, ha ! My brother has gone finally, so nobody to pray for Romolake anymore. Please let’s invoke on his spirit to take vengeance o” Romolake said while crying.

Olori ebi answered her.

Romolake you have to put yourself together. Whatever it is has happened and we can not question God. Yes we loved him but He loved him more. What we need now is to plan and give him a befitting burial.

Olori ebi, I don’t think you know what killed my brother” Romolake said.

What killed him?” Everyone asked her.

He was murdered“.

Inspired by God.
Kindly give credit to the writer when you share.
Faith Oyewole.

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