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Apostle Kolawole Johnson Is Dead Episode 2

Faith Oyewole

By 12pm, the news of Apostle’s death had gone viral.
The newspapers’ headlines really captured the heart of the readers. “The popular Apostle of Becoming of Christ Assembly died unexpectedly in his church“, “The famous Apostle Kolawole Johnson is dead early this morning” and so on.
Tiger was on his way to finish his mission when he saw the Latter Newspaper’ s headline.
He felt shocked and the only question that came to his mind was
Who could have dribbled me on this job?
He brought out his phone and sent a short text .
I’m not part of his death, someone else did it

Apostle Kolawole Johnson Is Dead

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Pastor Nicodemus picked his phone, called a contact on his phone.
Baba Tiringba, your work has answered here o. The man died this early morning
Pastor Nicodemus said while looking around like a thief.
Ha! Interesting… so my god has done it before I finished the task that I had prepared.
Baba what do you mean by that?
Baba Tiringbagba explained how he just started the sacrifice to kill Apostle Kolawole Johnson.
Baba, who could have bypassed us and do this?
Pastor Nicodemus asked.
I don’t know o, except I ask my god
Ok Baba, find out and let me hear the outcome”
Pastor Nicodemus told Baba.
Ok , my son“.

Pastor Nicodemus ended the call, wondering who could have killed the stupid man. Apostle Kolawole Johnson was a real stupid man.
Pastor Nicodemus thought back to ten years ago, when he started his pastoral work under Apostle of God,who was faithful to God .
He joined with an ungodly zeal and commitment but he met Apostle’s who did not joke with the things of God.
He tried a lot to change the godly stated doctrines but all efforts proved abortive so he planned to be fetish in killing the Apostle who would not let him be popular through fetish but the information he got now from Baba Tiringba baffled him.

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Apostle Kolawole Johnson’s maid Stella was in her room holding a small mirror. The mirror was as white as snow. It looked different from the normal mirror. She faced it, said some incantations on it.
The white eyes that see beyond the ordinary come out now” she called.
A voice imwas heard from the mirror but nothing was shown.
Kadam, why did you call me from the dark territories?” The voice asked.
The great one, I called to brief you on what is happening…
We know what happened and we will soon asked you to come back but you have one assignment you will still carry out.

I’m not clear on this great one… I have been assigned for two years to weaken Apostle spiritually and to kill him. You all know that I tried a lot but all my efforts were abortive because he was very strong. Who then succeed in killing him?” Stella asked angrily.
Kadam, we have searched also but we couldn’t find who killed him, all we are seeing is a thick cloud that can not be explained and that’s why you will tarry small to get us some information about this and help us destroy the glories of his sons so they don’t disturb our future plans.
Ok the great one.. I will do everything in my capacity.
She closed the mirror.
What killed this man?
She asked no one but herself.

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