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I put up this post on Facebook.

“Dear Bad Boss,
You taught me Good Lessons ;
1. Not taking things personally.
2. Documenting everything.
3. Becoming a good listener.
4. Being one step ahead at all times.
5. Accepting mistakes from your team.
6. Taking care of your team and working as a team.
7. Working Hard.

Tell us what a bad boss taught you…”

We had great comments and we’ve shared some below.

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To strive to be better than him and shut his mouth with delivering on time.
I had a horrible supervisor and manager, they both hated my guts and would use insulting words like “fool, dumb, stupid” for me so I called my mum and she said to give myself target to learn the job perfectly without needing to go to them for help so that they won’t gainsay me.

In less than three months, I was a pro and the day my supervisor made the mistake of calling me dumb. I shut him down, I gave it back to him and brought the roof down on his head. That was the last time he tried insulting me even though it remained hostile for the next two years.


To not cling unto a job that was not paying the bills due to the “wait until you get something better” line.

That motivation to get better comes from doing something you love and not necessarily something you are just managing.

To always request all instructions by mail. No mail, no execution, especially issues that has money in it. Gbam!

I can always take the blame and become smarter, better.

Don’t tell your subordinates they can’t rise to your position.

Tell us what you learnt from a bad boss either as a comment or in an email.


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