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Vaginal Birth After A C/S: Pros And Cons

I asked on Facebook

“Vaginal Birth After A C/S: Yay or Nay?
Why? Why not?”

These were the answers I got:


Yay. The patient needs to properly monitored though. At all times.

Let your Doctor make the decision from a health point.


Less pain after delivery and avoiding another scar.


I think it is usually the same scar the doctor reopens.
But you’re right, healing is a bitch


VB after CS may not be a good option especially when the indication for the first cs is anatomical, physiological or a pathology that is better managed than cured. In my opinion, depending very much also on the attending clinicians, an elective CS is a good option. It is safer and minimises risks for both mother and child. As for the scars, same incision site can be used all the time.


This is how I feel but I want to understand why people choose vaginal births after a C/S…


It is cultural thing, first, then the way religion has removed reason from faith.

Therefore some women, especially, the unenlightened, risk their life and the baby’s with the choice of VB on previous scar.


I had a first CS cos my first child was breech, then had 3 vaginal births afterwards. The medical team tried to convince me to have another CS but I insisted on a vaginal birth. I healed quicker with the vaginal births


Is there a particular reason why you insisted on a vaginal birth for your second child?


I split my stitches a week after my CS. I was trying to pick up my baby and bent double. It set my healing back a bit. My mom’s a trained nurse and said to try for the vaginal the next time cos the healing process was smoother. So I just took a decision and voila! She was right (at least in my own case)


Alright. It sounds sensible enough.

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No Hebrew woman crap preaching induced decision for me….it was a practical one

I’ve always thought it’s the #HebrewWoman brigade that do this VBAC campaign.

Reading your experience is helping me soften my stand against the VBAC… Lol.


I figured lol. …it’s Just easier to heal but medical people usually try to encourage another CS if you’ve had a first. My bad mind thinks it’s because it’s more money for them 🙈🙈🙈


I’m beginning to learn that there are risks associated with C/S that people are hushing. And yeah, I think SOME medical practitioners recommend the C/S because of their pockets. Lol


Very risky…


How so? Pls educate. I’m still alive 3 vaginal births later and 22 years later. Not a twinge. Am I an anomaly?


Well for everything we go through in life there is an element of risk involved. I have lost loved ones in delivery rooms. They went in there fine but came out dead, reasons no one can explain. I have a close friend who is so afraid of child birth now cos her second virginal delivery experience kept her in the hospital in a coma for 5 months. She did not breastfeed her second baby. In short “traumatic” doesn’t describe what she went through. I have lost friends via simple surgeries and complex surgeries. We just need to choose what is best as the situation arises and follow professional advice. Pray GOD to avail to you those who would favour your cause as the need arises.


After the first CS, with proper spacing, yes. Say like 15-18 months before the next conception. If one ever has a second CS, its Nay. Just jejely get a CS for the third one.

After two CS, the higher the risk for ruptured uterus if a third child is to be born.


I have had two C-sections, first one was an emergency CS,second elective,I have closed shop but if I ever intended to have a third,it would still be elective. I think it should be a matter of what is best medically for mother and child.



I choose the better option for my baby and I. Every case is different and neither of the two is painless, it doesnt really matter to me


Very risky… too risky…


Honestly I had my daughter via C/S because I wasn’t dilating at all and I had my son VB was advised by the doctor to try VB since it was the same hospital I had the first and they could get my file for confirmation that it was safe to do so.


Tope, the issue is not whether people do it. However, they will tell you of the risks and consequences. The issue is that out of 4 people who decide to go VBAC, one will have issues and the issue is too serious that they mostly lose their life.


Of course, there must be a doctor’s advice oo because some people are honestly not cut out for VB birth so I don’t advise such people to go aganist their doctor’s advice.


Exactly. Some will just go to the village pharmacy or dispenser to have their baby after going through CS. That is not advisable. Every pregnant woman should seek medical advice from professionals especially after having CS. Good hospitals have equipment to assist if things start getting bad. But trying ones luck in the village and before rushing the person to a good hospital, it might be too late.


Yay! I had my first baby through CS due to severe preeclampsia. I didn’t heal on time – infection, sharp pains around my neck every now and then. I told God to pls avert another CS.

I took in a year after and my doctors said it might be another CS. I told them to let me try a bit before making their decisions. With God’s help, I didn’t have to go through another CS.


Was it your experience with the first C/S that made you consider VBAC?


Yeah sis. The experience wasnt palatable rara at all. I didn’t eat anything for three days so for one month I was only on fluids as I’d lost appetite for food. The pains, not being able to carry heavy things for months, hian!

Infact. they had booked me for CS on Monday if I didn’t go into labor but labor started on 21st nd less than 24 hours later, he arrived.

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Thank God for safe deliveries.


I have had 2 C-Sections. The first was Elective. I was 40 weeks gone with a 4.5kg baby and of course we discussed and weighed my options. Biko, I wasn’t ready to try inducement then end up with a CS afterward. The post surgery was crappy.

Second baby, I changed hospitals, watched my weight and baby weight. All was well until 38 weeks and 5 days, I lost some fluid, was in labor and wasn’t progressing for hours. Fetal heart rate was dropping. Yeah so, I had an emergency CS, during which my newborn had an umbilical quadruple tie.

The entire umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck the whole laboring time…. I would have gone home empty handed if i had insisted on pushing and strangulating my child.

Thankfully, post surgery, this time was amazing. I healed fast and was home in exactly 5 days!

Women of GOD, there is absolutely nothing wrong with CS, if that is the route to sabe your life and that of the child then why not?

Every pregnancy is different with its own challenges. Please choose to LIVE.

I am 3 years post last surgery with a great figure.


Wow. Thanks for sharing this.
Thank God for safe deliveries in both cases.
Thank God for health and healing too.


I had emergency CS for birth of my twin girls and healing process wasn’t that bad but had post partum depression and somehow I blamed the bith process for it .

Now I want to try VB, not because of Hebrew woman eish but just felt like having the 2 experience but sometimes I tell myself I will just go in for elective CS. Either ways, I want to be the one to decide how I birth my next baby.


Your position makes sense. Do what is safe for you and the baby (not because a Nigerian woman is trying to change nationalities via childbirth).


The rate of uterine rupture is high, especially if the indication for the c/s is a non-reversible one such narrow pelvis.

I will not hesitate to dissuade such patient from VB. It doesn’t make sense to bear a baby for nine months and lose it. In fact the risk of intrapartum bleeding can take away the woman’s life if there is no immediate intervention.

Even if she survives it, her cycle might be shut down, leading to secondary infertility.


Hmmmm… I’m learning.


How is that possible?


Vaginal Birth after a C/S is possible. You need a good doctor to guide you if you are considering it, though.

2019 Answers


My pain threshold is almost zero, but once my labour starts, in less than an hour, I have given birth and why I did go through VB, if not ehn, my people no me oh, call me lazy or not having faith or anything, na ya mouth you use ba!
And the only time that I have considered CS was during my first pregnancy, no labour pains at all, even after due date of two weeks and staying in the hospital for 2 days, and they have used cattarah, an insertable tablet, and yet dialection was very slowly in coming and on the third night, I have made up my mind to ask for CS when the doctor comes in the morning, after all everybody no say Timi no Sabi bear pain but unsuspecting by eight somethin in the morning, I felt like stooling and I asked the nurse to allow me to use the toilet, but she said No, rather gave me a pan and lo and behold, as I was stooling, baby was coming, and he arrived by 9 a.m.
The other two follow the next labour/delivery time but no stooling oh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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