Career Talk 1, The Tentmakers

11 Tips For Job Seekers

Dr. Dipo Awojide

If you are job hunting, here are a few tips from Dr. Awojide to help you with the journey.

1. You need to start by carrying out a self-analysis.
– What are your career goals?
– What are your short term and long-term objectives?
– What are your key strengths and weaknesses?

2. Then, carry out an external analysis.
– What are the opportunities out there?
– What industry or industries do you fit into or can your skills-set be tailored to?
– What companies are currently recruiting?

3. Fix your CV and Cover Letter.

4. Create a LinkedIn profile and make sure it is optimised. Don’t gamble on your progress.

5. Network with influential decision makers on Twitter, and they are many, both private and public sector. There are influential folks here who laugh with us daily. Position yourself and shoot your shot. You will not sub or insult your destiny helper in Jesus name.


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6. Network with decision makers and those who can get your foot in the door. Competencies and capabilities are great, but you’d get employed faster via referrals.

7. Speak to your friends and responsible family members too. Please don’t be shy. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

8. Cold calling can help. Pick up your phone and put calls through. Take a ride around your town. Note down the companies. Check their websites. Send emails or put a call through.

9. Please keep a record of your applications and follow up. Don’t get tired. Persistence pays!  For fresh graduates, volunteer while waiting for your big break. Learn new skills too.

10. If you have the funds, take professional exams and courses while looking for that job. Everything will add up to favour you in the end.

11. Job hunting is a job itself, so you need to strategize to win. Some professional career oriented brands can help you win. @BTDTHub is one of such brands. I recommend you follow and engage.

Please send an email if you’ll like to join our WhatsApp group where we share opportunities, including job opportunities.

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