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Apostle Kolawole Johnson Is Dead Episode 4

Faith Oyewole

They (Apostle’s extended family) finalized on the arrangement of the burial and planned to get a detective who will find out what happened to Apostle and if possible to carry out an autopsy on his body.
The committee of the church too gathered to plan for the final burial of their Apostle and General overseer of their church.
Elder Shodunde stood up in the circle of the committee to address them.
” I greet everyone again and I pray such of this will not happen again in our midst, we know Apostle Kolawole was 59 years old when God called him home, we are very sad but what can we do? Nothing.
We will all die too one day, whether we do good or bad, we must answer to nature’s call but what we do on Earth matters to where we will end our journey. We all know that Apostle Kolawole Johnson was a real child of God who served God faithfully to the end, He was quiet, loving and spirit led minister of God. He didn’t allow immoralty and what did not give glory to God in his church. Its just a pity that God took him home when the church is now getting bigger.”
He was quiet for some minutes and everywhere was silent.
He continued….
“We know that it’s the church responsibility to provide casket and any other things that will be needed for the burial”

“Yes, we know.” They all said to affirm what the Elder said.
“How much casket should we get and what other things can we add to it?”
“I will suggest 200,000 Naira casket is ok” suggested by Pastor Nicodemus.
“No, that casket of 200k will be a low quality. There’s nothing bad in getting 500k or 700k casket. This is our General Overseer we are talking about o” said Deacon Izeribe.
Pastor Nicodemus disagreed that money should not be wasted all in the name of burying a person with a big casket. Others didn’t see it the way he was seeing it but Elder asked Pastor Nicodemus and Brother Ishola, the church head usher to go and price casket. They concluded to feed those that will attend the wake keep only and they adjourned the meeting to two days after.

Apostle Kolawole Johnson Is Dead

Pastor Nicodemus was very happy that it was Brother Ishola that was assigned with him to price the casket. He and brother Ishola planned to get a low quality casket so they could steal some money from the money allocated for casket. Unknown to everyone, the duo had been stealing from the church purse.
After lying about the price of the casket, the money was handed to them to pay. They set out to get the casket.
They finally got to a shop where it was sold.

“Good day here”. Brother Ishola greeted.
A short and fat man came out.
“Yes, good day. May I help you please? He asked slowly.
” We are here to get a coffin to bury our Apostle” Pastor Nicodemus replied him.
“May I know the Apostle you are talking about?” The man asked.
“The same Apostle Kolawole Johnson”.
“It’s a pity that the faithful man of God is dead”.
“Excuse me, do you know him?” asked Brother Ishola.
” Ha! It’s a long story o but to cut it short, Apostle was my benefactor and I promised my God to give out the most quality coffin worth of 1.5million to bury the true man of God for free.”
A harsh curse escaped Pastor Nicodemus’ lip.
“Are you saying you will not collect any money for this casket?”
He glanced towards Brother Ishola who was astonished as well.

“Yes. As a matter of fact I just sent the message to one of your ministers, who also is my brother”
Both chorused together.
“Deacon Izeribe”

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