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A Few Social Media Engagement Tips

I get these tips from my service provider. I’m always happy to share.

1. Always add hashtags to your posts on the any of the social media platforms. This does not only make your post more interesting but you also get all of those search benefits.

2. If you cant answer questions like why you are on social media or which platform features your target audience, then its time to hit the reset button.

3. Organize your ideas or point logically, create a link between each points to be presented. It thus ease your audience comprehension.

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4. Reviewing your target audiences online content will aid you to create contents which will boost conversations that sell and added value to your brand.

5. Promote your social profiles by adding links of social media accounts to your works and don’t forget to include your social profiles to your email signature.

6. Sign up with LinkedIn to promote your career. It is a platform for credibility, network of professionals, sales opportunities and marketing.

7. Post Consistently – Remember your followers are likely following others. If you dont publish new content often as the others, it’s easy to be forgotten.

If you have tips to share, you can send them in an email.

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