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Since the inception of social media there has been a lot of positive goodies and also negative, many people are on the negative side because they are either ignorant of how to use social media for impact or they are employees of the devil’s global company on earth.

When I started seeing the need to move from just a eating three square meal a day, living in a good house, a car, having a wife and children and move unto a life that brings inspiration and impact to others, then I took the social media as my weapon of impact.

This series will open your eyes to a lot of things which you were just thinking it’s normal and doesn’t matter. Social media is beyond chatting and making friends especially in this generation where the demand of quality information is on the high side. Don’t miss any of the episodes for any reason.

Today will be a background study on how social media has brought revolution to human activities, either bad or good, depending on which one you want to pursue but as for me I am on the good side.

Before social media came in, we were using post office ( hmm their work has been collected from them except those who upgraded), Yahoo mail then Facebook came in, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and other platforms which boosted the social side of many people.

Social media went from just being a platform to make new friends, get a wife to marry to building influence, impact and wealth. A lot of people are still in the chatting spirit alone when we have moved on to using social media to build strategic influence, impact lives and create wealth.

I will be sharing with us in this series how you can use social media to build influence, impact lives and create wealth but today let me start with things we must not do with social media.

Yes there are things we must not do with social media because when we do so it is called abuse. Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory said

When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable

That is why many people think social media is just to come online make new friends, chat them up, snap pictures and that’s all but it is beyond that.

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So what are the wrong things we must avoid on social media?

1. Social media is not a platform for picking different guys or ladies for relationship trial and error.

When I finished my secondary school and was preparing to get admission into the university, I got introduced by some friends to 2go platform. I enjoyed chatting on 2go from morning till night but I didn’t know I was wasting my time which was my life. As time went on, I started dating different ladies whom I never saw ( don’t be in a relationship where phone is just the only way you communicate). I could have more than two and in my ignorant mind then I was a big boy.

I even remember very well that I had a sweet tongue which I can use to toast three girls on 2go in a day and all will say yes ( don’t just laugh but gain from the lessons).

Why did I share my past with you? I did that so you will know I have been there before but I never gained anything positive and my life was never better but worse.

Social media abuse is when you jump from one platform to another – Facebook, 2go, Whatsapp and other platforms – looking for ladies or guys that you can use to do relationship trial and error but that won’t help you at all.

Some people even go to the extent of using social media to break ladies’ or guys’ hearts and they think the seeds they have planted won’t wait for them in the future.

Social media is not a platform to do multiple dating, having more than one guy or lady so you can enjoy yourself chatting with different lovers is not a good idea.

2. Social media is not a platform for sexual desires to be satisfied.

Remember my topic so you will understand why I am starting with what social media should not be for.

If you really want maximize social media for influence, impact and wealth then you must avoid these reasons or else you won’t smell impact or wealth using social media.

A lot of young people are using social media to satisfy their sexual urge when it was meant for just your wife, not even your girlfriend.

Most social media platforms have a space for sexual satisfaction like porns, sex calls and much more but anyone who uses social media to satisfy his or her sexual urge is not ready to impact lives, build influence and create wealth using social media.

I am speaking mainly from a godly perspective because this generation needs to understand that we are in a period where great men speak impact, influence and wealth as their major language apart from English and if you can’t stop the abuse of social media by satisfying your sexual urge with it then how do you want to inspire young people by impacting them?

Abuse of social media is as a result of ignorance and lack of the right training.

Maximize social media today for influence, impact and wealth.

If you have questions, you can ask in the comment section below.

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