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Instagram Influencers: How Do I Find People Who Are a Good Fit For My Brand?

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Instagram has quickly become the go-to platform for store owners who are looking to connect with new audiences, and influencer marketing on Instagram has become a top way to do it. When you work with the right people, it can be a huge boost to your brand and your sales.

But how do you know which influencers will be the best fit for you and your business? That’s what we’re tackling today on Ask Shopify.


I’m interested in trying out influencer marketing on Instagram for my store. I’ve never done it before, and the one thing that’s been on my mind is making sure I’m working with the right people for my brand who have real, engaged audiences. Is there anything I should be doing ahead of time to make sure I’m working with the right influencers?

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To help you figure out whether you’re working with the right influencers for your store, we spoke with Neil Waller, co-founder of Shore Projects, a 2015 Build-a-Business winner, and co-founder and CEO of Whalar, a tool to help you streamline and manage your influencer marketing.

“First, take a step back and say, “Why do you want to work with influencers?” Because the output that you can get from working with influencers is a few different things, so the lens through which you’ll choose to vet them could be different based on your business goals.”

Neil outlined three main benefits of working with influencers, each of which is a great standalone objective.

  • Tap into their knowledge of a platform and what works, to create content for that platform
  • Access their audience
  • Work with them as consumers, to get their feedback and perspective on your product

But even though choosing a priority is important, Neil also points out that it’s not to the exclusion of the other outcomes.

“You can achieve all three, but you’ve got to know what your primary goals are before you can start the vetting process.”

As for that vetting process, it really boils down to two key questions. Does this person fit with your brand, and do they have a solid engagement rate?

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