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Bless Garba "You don't escape from something; you escape to something. Otherwise, it doesn't work." - Dan Lok Having a great escape plan from your present failures is likely an amazing inspiration for wealth creation. It should be the motivation needed to push your future goals and dreams of having a Wealthy Lifestyle of Choices… Continue reading MONEY MATTERS EPISODE 1 – DO NOT BE CHEAP

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Bless Garba  Everyone of us has a great plan for our lives. Yes we have an intention and desire to be able to make the future amazingly beautiful and sweet that we will give our best years working hard and forget to live or enjoy the moments well. Yet, we fail to recognise that it… Continue reading SECURE YOUR FUTURE NOW

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Managing Your Finances As A Start Up Business

Managing finances is crucial to the survival of any business. For start up businesses, it is even more important, or importanter, lol. Below are a few tips for managing your business finance. 1. Get Financial Education Learn how to read financial statements. They tell you all you need to know about your money - where… Continue reading Managing Your Finances As A Start Up Business

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Life is risky! Creating Wealth is also a risky game. Everything is about percentages you either win or you loss. Stay safe or build outside of what you are used too. Life is a bundle of lessons that we will either accept or just ignore . You cannot have the best of two worlds if… Continue reading TAKE THE LEAP

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  Bless Garba Your life is probably hard already and you don't want to make it any harder. I really understand that you are afraid of what the future holds for you but will you forfeit your life so you can avoid the hardness of your life or will you take your time to make… Continue reading WILL YOU FORFEIT YOUR LIFE?