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10 Small Business Ideas To Consider

We’re halfway through November. Another year is slowly but surely rolling by. That “New Year Resolution” to start your own business is dancing “shaku shaku” on your list. Well, let me help you pause the “shaku shaku” by giving a few ideas. You can send an email to discuss further. 1. Become A Resume Writer… Continue reading 10 Small Business Ideas To Consider

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Multiplying Money Part 1

On #MoneyTalks today, we'll start scratching the surface of multiplying money. I looked at the Forbes' list a few months ago and came to the conclusion that none of the people on the list made it there simply by working for an employer and earning a salary. Some say that a salary is a bribe… Continue reading Multiplying Money Part 1

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Life is risky! Creating Wealth is also a risky game. Everything is about percentages you either win or you loss. Stay safe or build outside of what you are used too. Life is a bundle of lessons that we will either accept or just ignore . You cannot have the best of two worlds if… Continue reading TAKE THE LEAP

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Ene Otokwala shared with us in the Startup Corner WhatsApp group about her experience on Digital Disruption ------ A little of my experience with digital disruption. Last year I received an email of a draft copy of a partnership agreement possibly downloaded from the internet by a client and requesting that I make some inputs… Continue reading THOUGHTS ON DIGITAL DISRUPTION

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I remember one Men's Conference in church where women and children were invited to air their issues with their husbands and fathers. Children were allowed to aim shots at their mothers too, lol. One child asked why his mum always beats him when she could have just spoken the word. We all know him to… Continue reading QUIT YE AS MEN AND FIGHT!