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Know The Entrepreneur – Seyi Bukoye

Our second guest, Seyi Bukoye (SB), is a business woman, consultant and farm administrator. Enjoy the interview. ------- KTE: Can you briefly introduce yourself? SB: I am Oluwaseyi Bukoye, a graduate of Accounting with over ten years working experience. A business woman, consultant and farm administrator. KTE: Are you currently practicing what you studied in… Continue reading Know The Entrepreneur – Seyi Bukoye

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Bless Garba  Everyone of us has a great plan for our lives. Yes we have an intention and desire to be able to make the future amazingly beautiful and sweet that we will give our best years working hard and forget to live or enjoy the moments well. Yet, we fail to recognise that it… Continue reading SECURE YOUR FUTURE NOW

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5 Steps To Make Your Salary Last Longer

In theory, your monthly salary should last you the entire month. Unfortunately, in reality, we have unexpected emergencies to monthly bills that always seem to increase, and those “impulse buys” that seem to catch us at our most vulnerable periods. We all tend to fall into the trap of finishing our salaries before the end… Continue reading 5 Steps To Make Your Salary Last Longer

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What Are You Doing With Your Time?

"Time is the greatest money-making asset any individual can possess" Ed Slott What are you doing with your time? My colleague was so passionate about the fact that the African part of the history of a notable mathematician is really hidden; you have to search well well to find it. He was going on and… Continue reading What Are You Doing With Your Time?

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Last year, I put up this post on Facebook. "Dear Bad Boss, You taught me Good Lessons ; THANK YOU 1. Not taking things personally. 2. Documenting everything. 3. Becoming a good listener. 4. Being one step ahead at all times. 5. Accepting mistakes from your team. 6. Taking care of your team and working… Continue reading LESSONS FROM A BAD BOSS