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I’ll like to recommend an ebook that’ll help with your marketing.

WhatsApp Sales Magnet by Precious Onyedika

There is also a free Marketing EBook that comes with the offer.

The two books cost 2500 Naira only. They are highly recommended.

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Here are what you will learn in this program that will aid your quick success as an affiliate marketer

✅ Authority Marketing

✅ Copywriting

✅ Sales Funnel

✅ Landing Page Creation

✅ Facebook And Instagram Ads Mastery

✅ Traffic Generation

PRICE: 5500 Naira

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Emeka Nobis

Recently, Don Jazzy, Nigeria’s leading record producer and founder of Mavin Records, launched his brand of burger called Jazzy’s Burger.

When Don Jazzy revealed that he was entering the food industry in November, his fans were thrilled. He said ‘’all you have to do is to download the app and place a burger order in advance’’. Burgers on the app cost as low as N8,500 and as high as N12,000.

When Technext reviewed the app, they had this to say “But in terms of competition in the marketplace, the founder, Don Jazzy, is a superstar and this might play a pivotal role in promoting his business in the marketplace.”

Don Jazzy has 14.3 million followers on Instagram alone. When he announced the app, orders rolled into the app in their numbers.

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, launched a perfume called “Burnt Hair” and it sold 10,000 bottles to earn a million dollars in just a few hours. Elon Musk has 121 million followers on Twitter.

I want you to know these…

  1. Growing a social media audience can have several benefits. For one, having a larger audience can help increase the visibility and reach of your content, potentially leading to more engagement and interactions with your followers. This can be especially beneficial for businesses and organizations, as a larger audience can translate into more potential customers or supporters.
  1. Growing your social media audience can help you build a stronger sense of community around your brand or message. This can lead to increased loyalty and support from your followers, as well as potentially providing valuable feedback and insights that can help you improve and evolve your content.
  1. Having a large social media audience can also provide more opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with other creators or brands. This can help you expand your reach even further and potentially open up new opportunities for growth and success.



Ademiluyi Adegboyega

This video study program helps you to prepare for your ielts exam to make sure you get at least 7.0 out of 9.0 when next you want to write the exam using a preparation study formula that has worked for many students who has gone through the program.

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Kayode Ogundele

Plastic is a common material used in manufacturing today; however, plastic waste is creating a major environmental issue.  Most plastic waste ends up in landfills or the ocean, where plastic waste eventually breaks down into toxic chemicals. Some communities have started to make money recycling discarded plastic into useful goods. Plastic bricks are one such product that can be recycled and repurposed. Plastic bricks are made from recycled plastic and are much stronger than concrete bricks. Excess plastic can be easily recycled into new plastic bricks- making them ideal for the environment. Plastic bricks have a long lifespan compared to virgin plastic; some types of recycled plastic bricks can last for decades instead of months. Because of this, recycled plastic bricks are much greener and cheaper than virgin products.

Various projects make money recycling used plastic materials into new products.  Examples of these products include cars, clothing and building materials such as plastics and bamboo. A business can increase profits by selling plastic bricks instead of virgin ones. Many business owners can make extra money by reselling used plastic bricks to manufacturers. These manufacturers can then use the recycled bricks to produce new products. Different brick colors and sizes are available for businesses to resell. Manufacturers can also buy used plastic bricks to produce new goods to reduce costs. Either way, businesses can make extra money from recycled plastic bricks.

There’s also the environmental aspect: it’s easy to recycle used plastic bricks back into usable material. Recycled material is much more valuable as a fuel source than garbage- which makes this project environmentally friendly in many ways. In some parts of the United States, people burn old concrete and brick materials to generate heat and electricity. his practice is known as coking and is an excellent source of renewable energy. Other countries have adopted similar practices from eco-friendly orchardists who burn apples before producing cider vinegar.  Both the burning process and the resulting cider vinegar produce important CO2 reductions for those nations’ climate regimes.

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Emeka Nobis

I was called to speak over the radio for 45 minutes right from the comfort of my home. I was plugged on air via the station’s console.

The OAP was intrigued by a post I’d made concerning pastors making money from their knowledge resources, instead of banking on tithes and offerings to survive.

When I was done, I got a barrage of messages from pastors asking for help. It was touching to see them ask me to help them earn from their brains.

That’s why I created CYOC.

What’s CYOC?

It’s Create Your Online Course.

Target/Objective: Help you make you $1000 and more.

In 9 modules, you’ll learn…

– What’s In You Others Need.

– Why People Will Pay You.

– How To Kill Demons In You.

– Structure & Delivery.

– Simple Hosting For Courses.

– How To Sell Your Course.

– Benefits of Your Own Online Course.

By the time you’re done, you’d have learnt how to create your own online course and make money from it.

Order Create Your Online Course


Emmanuel Daniels

I get exhausted when I get emails from people who send me excel workbooks to help them solve simple problems yet these individuals have not taken any step to improve their Excel skills. I can understand that most Excel Onsite training are usually 3 – 5 days and is beyond the budget of many people who are interested in improving their skills. Others have busy schedules which I quite understand. No matter the challenges you face, you are very lucky reading this information because I have a solution to your challenges in MS Excel.

Are you a GRADUATE in Finance, Marketing, Business Management, etc., Excel is a must for YOU.

I have been part of interview panels for NYSC members who are looking for jobs yet, many of them LACK basic Office Productivity skills. There is no free money anywhere; corporate organizations are looking for people to solve corporate problems and be rewarded for providing solutions and not people to pay salaries.

MS Excel has a lot of functionalities but many people do not even use up to 5%.

I have personally built many applications in Excel in the Corporate World – Applications from a simple Calculator, StopWatch Timer to using Excel to build an Accounting Program.

You may have attended 3 – day crash Excel programs, collect certificates, eat lunch and after some months, you forget what you have learnt – Let me be frank with you – You can’t learn Excel in 6 months, let alone 3-days. Or how many people would be patient like me that read 1,200 – pages Excel books over 3 months in 2006 when I was not preparing for an Excel Exam?

If 3-days cannot make you an Excel Expert, then my Virtual Advanced Excel Class is the only solution to this problem.

With my Virtual Advanced Excel Class, you will be taken step-by-step from the rudiments of Excel to mastery in Excel Usage. This program is flexible to meet your schedule but the minimum time you can cover the entire 4 Modules is 30 days of consistent study and practice if you allocate each day to Excel. In fact, learning does not stop until you cover all the modules and are able to bring your knowledge to bear on problems you want to solve with Excel.



Omeyi Yangs

Sell your book worldwide through Amazon. Get your payments into your account. Quick and easy ways to format your book description. Learn about the various requirements for your book.

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Emmanuel Daniels

Write Bankable Business Plans Like A Pro

A Step -By- Step Virtual Training That will Make You Start Writing Business Plans Within One Week, Even If You have Never Written One Before.

  • Do YOU want to start a business? You cannot run a successful business without a properly written business plan
  • Do YOU need financing (debt or equity) for business expansion? No one will put money in your business without a properly written business plan.
  • Do YOU want to earn extra income by helping individuals and corporate organizations scale up their businesses? You need to learn how to write a business plan
  • Do YOU want to write a business plan and don’t know WHERE or HOW to start? 
  • Are YOU faced with writer’s block? Relax! You are blessed to come in contact with this information on my business plan writing video tutorials

What You Will Get When You Take Subscribe For This Course

  • 29 Step by Step Video Tutorials, that will walk you through the business plan Writing Process
  • 50 Customized Business Plan Design Templates in Microsoft Word
  • 25 Pre-Designed PowerPoint Templates that will provide a guide to build your business plan presentations.
  • Over 500 Pre-Designed PowerPoint infographics that will help you build awesome presentations.
  • Customized MS Excel questionnaires that will guide you in developing your business plan content.
  • Sample real business plans (identity removed) written by instructor for real businesses.

Why The Instructor Is Qualified To Train You

  • Writing Business Plans and Building Financial Models for Projects Across Various Industries Since 2009
  • Written Business Plans for Successful Funding Of Agric Projects Up To 4 billion Naira
  • Built Financial Models for Project Outside Nigeria – School, FinTech, Etc.
  • Reference Companies – NIRSAL, Wondo Technologies (Mauritius & Subsidiary In Nigeria, Etc.,)

Order Write Business Plan Like A Pro


Prototype Store

Have you been looking for ways to make money from the comfort of your home with just your Smartphone and Internet connection?

Through this course you will learn 4 different internet businesses you can start from the comfort of your home with just your Smartphone.

The same businesses that thousands of Nigerians including myself are using to make a lot of money on a weekly and monthly basis.


Sell Your Digital Products On Selar


Adeyemi Daniel

In this course, I will be showing you everything you need to do to be making your first $100 to $1000 monthly as KDP Publisher.

What I will be explaining in this course are:

The course will be Value-Pack and Interactive… In the course, you will discover the secrets of making $$$ on Amazon… It will be presented via Texts, Videos, Images, Audio, and even live meetings in a Closed Private Group.

In this course here are what you would have access to, learn, and master.

  • How to create and publish evergreen books that will keep selling and make you $50, $100, or $200 even more in a month with no hassle
  • How to let an AI create your book for you, with this method, you can make as many as 5 books a day.
  • How to open your Amazon KDP Account in less than 5 minutes the right way 
  • How to fill in your tax details
  • How to open a correct dollars and pounds account without Hassle And Get Instant *$25 credited* into your Dollars Account (Most people don’t know about this) 
  • How to use Canva to design basic graphics of your book that make your book sell fast on Amazon
  • Access to premium websites to get your content to make your book creation easy and faster

Order Amazon Kdp Mastery Course


#1 Book Hub

Many people have great business ideas, but their major problem is money to start the business. 

Some have businesses already but lack of more money to pump into the business for expansion is their problem. There are some also that have business but no money to diversify.

Today I’m going to share with us thirteen simple ways you can raise money to fund your business.

Not all ideas require a grant, bank loan or VC funds to get started.

Whether you’re funding the next hottest startup, a creative endeavor, or a cause-based organization, you’ll find how to raise the money inside this book that might just be perfect.

According to a recent study, over 80% of new businesses fail during the first year of operation. Lack of funding turns out to be one of the common reasons.

Money is the bloodline of any business. 

The long painstaking yet exciting journey from the idea to revenue generating business needs a fuel called capital.

If you are looking to raise money for your startup? Here are top 13 best and simple way to get it.




Information marketing like the name implies is simply marketing or selling information in exchange for money.

Now let’s say you have an idea about how to pass a job interview.

There are many people outside looking for a way to pass their job interviews, and so the moment you package your idea in a form, such as Ebooks, video or Audio and then sell it off, many people would rush the products.

Now here’s why Information Marketing is a multi-million business model;

The revenue in the business is so huge that you can make between N200,000 to N500,000 within a month as long as you get your strategy right.

Let us put it this way – Everyday, five hundred thousand people are looking for information on how to lose weight.

If you have the useful information on how anyone can lose weight and package it in E-book, DVD, Audio, or other formats, these people are willing and ready to buy it from you at a reasonable price.

For instance, if you sell 200 copies of the information at N2,000 each in a month, you will make 2,000×200 =N200,000.

In just a Month.

Then imagine selling more than 200 copies;

That’s a whole lot of money for you.

Now here’s the sweetest part;

If you’re asking what if I can’t create a product??

Well you can still make millions of money by obtaining resell rights of already created products.

And you start marketing and making money from them.


Sell Your Digital Products On Selar 


Damil Oluwa

A simple training on how to start receiving SALARY in Dollars from Amazon every month by simply uploading 11-20 paged Word Documents on Amazon Kindle…

The Best Parts are:

– You don’t have to create the document yourself

– You don’t have to pay any writer 

Order your copy


Ten Tips For Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

Download Ten Tips For Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

Friendly Health Worker TTM Lifestyle Blogs

Texting And Driving

Texting and Driving?

Park and Watch This

Texting And Driving

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Gist Arena TTM Lifestyle Blogs

Gist Arena – Balancing Emotion and Logic

A bright young woman found herself in an entanglement with a certain young man (her boyfriend) and psychoactive substances, which made her fall out with her family and out of her job.

They both needed treatment and instead of checking herself into rehab, she chose to pay for his treatment while she stayed back and continued tumbling down the dark tunnel.

When he came out of rehab, he distanced himself from her because he didn’t want to risk a relapse.

She was left alone to figure herself out. Why do people (particularly the female gender) place sentiments over rational thinking, especially in relationship matters?

Watch the video below to listen to our submission and tell us what you think.

Balancing Emotion and Logic

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Balancing Emotion and Logic
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How To Make Fried Rice That Will Not Easily Get Spoilt

Mary Oseni taught us how to make Jollof Rice that doesn’t spoil easily last Saturday.
Watch the video

How To Make Fried Rice That Will Not Easily Get Spoilt

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Gist Arena TTM Lifestyle Blogs


As we anticipate Season 6 of Abejoye, a fantastic Mount Zion Series, we took time to review an aspect of Season 5.

In Season 1, a guy cheated on his wife with a “sister in the Lord”, repented and moved on, but somehow “went back to his vomit” in Season 5.

As it played out, it appeared like his wife played a role in his “slip”. But…was it really her fault?

Watch the video and also tell us what you think.


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Friendly Health Worker TTM Lifestyle Blogs


Maya Angelou quote

Toru dashes in to see her mother – Emi, earphones in place. She navigates her zoom meeting as she quickly hands over mom’s prescription drugs to her. She is on her way to pick up the twins from school and as mum tries to recount her experience for the day, she responds with a sharp “not now mom. We will catch up when I come over on Saturday”. With that Toru sails out the door and contemplates the fastest route to the twins’ school to avoid traffic.

Come Saturday, Emi eagerly awaits the visit of her only daughter – Toru and prepares Onunu, the favorite meal of the twins. After a hearty lunch, the children run off to play with the neighbour’s children while mother and daughter settle down to their usual weekly tete-a-tete.

Toru begins “Mom, you look exquisite. So natural, fresh and relaxed. Was it not for your strands of grey hair you could easily pass for my elder sister? In fact, my friends are always teasing me and commending your looks. The stress of the times just doesn’t seem to leave its mark on you, meanwhile, I remember when we were growing up, you were always so busy with the shop, I determined never to grow up running a shop. It just seemed so stressful”.

Emi responds “Baby girl, the years between 20 and 50 constitute the “Hustle phase of life”. You feel you must make it or break it especially as you look forward to a stable life by age 50. At the same time as you are building a career/ business, you are juggling home, and investing for the future, while keeping up with the Joneses. Life is a whirlwind at that phase. Believe me, when I say, I can identify with you.”

She continues: “However, given that the average life expectancy is 70-80 years, the phase between the ages of 50 and 80 should be spent in quiet repose enjoying the simple things of life. The tranquility and serenity with which you face life at this point emanates from within and exudes a radiance that gives a youthful glow to the skin. This, my dear daughter, is what can be referred to as graceful aging”.

Toru too responds “Mom…mom and her rhetoric. “I guess the real question is – what do you need to do to achieve graceful aging”?

Continue reading on Havilah Speaks.

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Friendly Health Worker TTM Lifestyle Blogs


August 8, 2018

Story 1

One of my people had been complaining of not feeling well. My general recommendation usually is “Go to the hospital”. After saying it a few times without results, I caned my lane.

I’m not sure what finally got through to her but God being so gracious, she finally decided to go to the hospital. She had been self-medicating, treating malaria. After a series of tests, she was diagnosed with low blood count (abi something like that).

After a few days of adhering to the doctor’s instructions, she felt better. Somebody shout alleluia! To God be the glory.

Story 2

The driver of the taxi I boarded yesterday was complaining about one strange headache that came suddenly. We were both stuck in the vehicle anyway, so I took time to advise him about going to the hospital asap. I pray he takes heed.

Unsolicited Advice

All of you that will be concocting medicine upandan as a DIY personally trained doctor… It’s all “fun” till you damage a vital organ…

If you are not feeling well, head to the hospital… This life is only one o… Don’t use your own hand to do yourself…

I repeat, if you don’t feel well, DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF BY YOURSELF… Head to the hospital! You will be alright by God’s grace.

Those of you cooking meat with paracetamol, una don hear about person wey village people dey pursue and him/her sef come dey use “slow motion” run. Won ma get e…. Dem go catch am…

Don’t let village people win this match. One of my lecturers once told us that every drug is poison; use only when absolutely required.

Let’s file this as #UnsolicitedAdvice201900027

Welcome to my world!

TTM Food Store TTM Lifestyle Blogs

How To Bake Bread (With Or Without An Oven) In Pictures

Source: TSpice Kitchen

Learn how to bake bread at home with or without an oven.

First Steps
Next Steps
Next Steps
Next Steps
Next Steps
Next Steps

If you don’t have an oven, the next steps are for you.

Bake Without Oven
Bake Without An Oven

Please share your pictures on social media and tag @ttmlifestyleblog on Instagram.

TTM Book Store TTM Lifestyle Blogs

Secured By Dr Ayotunde Elegbeleye

Secured By Dr Ayotunde Elegbeleye