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Know The Entrepreneur Episode 3

Our guest for this episode is Adebukola Bassey. Enjoy the interview. KTE: Can you introduce yourself briefly? Adebukola: I am Adebukola Bassey. I started BMS Editorial Services to develop and enhance written content for organisations and individuals. KTE: Are you currently practising what you studied in school? Adebukola: Yes, in many ways. I studied a… Continue reading Know The Entrepreneur Episode 3

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  Bless Garba Your life is probably hard already and you don't want to make it any harder. I really understand that you are afraid of what the future holds for you but will you forfeit your life so you can avoid the hardness of your life or will you take your time to make… Continue reading WILL YOU FORFEIT YOUR LIFE?

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Selling Hard Copy Books In Nigeria

I decided to check online for how to sell a hard copy book in Nigeria and it turns out someone had asked a similar question on Nairaland. I was reading the very general (truthfully, unhelpful) comments. Then, I saw this one and stopped to laugh small... "Just make sure the title is about HYIPs. It… Continue reading Selling Hard Copy Books In Nigeria