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Last year, I put up this post on Facebook. "Dear Bad Boss, You taught me Good Lessons ; THANK YOU 1. Not taking things personally. 2. Documenting everything. 3. Becoming a good listener. 4. Being one step ahead at all times. 5. Accepting mistakes from your team. 6. Taking care of your team and working… Continue reading LESSONS FROM A BAD BOSS

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When Winner Take All Battles Backfire at Work

Sue Shellenbarger If career planning at your office is starting to resemble an episode of “Survivor,” you’re not alone. More employers are sparking internal competitions by posting job openings online and encouraging interested employees to apply. The internal horse races that ensue open up new career opportunities for many, but also risk leaving angry, dispirited… Continue reading When Winner Take All Battles Backfire at Work

Career Talk, Startup Corner, The Tentmakers

Are You Investing Your Time?

All humans may not have the same amount of money, talent, skills, network etc, but there is one thing we all have in common, including permanent members of the Forbes Billionaire list – we get credited with 24 hours each day. How we use those 24 hours determine the results we get in life. Like… Continue reading Are You Investing Your Time?

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What “The Office” Teaches Us About Work

 The popular TV show “The Office” hilariously satirizes the nine-to-five work world. The sitcom features a collection of cube-dwelling characters who are occasionally offensive, petty, obnoxious, inept, annoying, self-absorbed or unproductive — or all of the above. The show has clearly resonated with the public and pop-culture enthusiasts, perhaps because people sometimes catch a glimpse… Continue reading What “The Office” Teaches Us About Work