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Secretary Finds Success In Unique Jewelry Work

After working briefly as a receptionist Sharon Wendo decided to call it quits and venture into the not so popular field of jewelry design. That’s what Wendo, 27, has been doing for the past one year through her company Epic African Jewelry which focuses mainly on African ornaments. Working from her home in Kayole estate,… Continue reading Secretary Finds Success In Unique Jewelry Work

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When Winner Take All Battles Backfire at Work

Sue Shellenbarger If career planning at your office is starting to resemble an episode of “Survivor,” you’re not alone. More employers are sparking internal competitions by posting job openings online and encouraging interested employees to apply. The internal horse races that ensue open up new career opportunities for many, but also risk leaving angry, dispirited… Continue reading When Winner Take All Battles Backfire at Work

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Dear Job Seeker, Try LinkedIn

Adesegun Damazio I'd like to share a few tips with young job-seekers out there. I know you're doing your best to get a job somewhere, anywhere, and I do hope that you find a placement soon. In the meantime, you might want to consider these few ideas just in case they're new to you: Open… Continue reading Dear Job Seeker, Try LinkedIn