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Be A Financial Improvement Specialist

I got this on WhatsApp. ----- “A single idea – the sudden flash of an idea – may be worth a million dollars.” (Robert Collier) In consultative selling, you position yourself as a consultant, an expert, an advisor, a helper and teacher in the sales situation. Above all, you position yourself as a problem solver.… Continue reading Be A Financial Improvement Specialist

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8 Wealth Building Lessons From the Richest Man in Babylon

Tony Aspire In 1926, George Samuel Clason published the book The Richest Man in Babylon and has become a classic in financial literature.  I first encountered this little book about 3 years after i got out of Secondary school in Ajegunle and was blown away by the simplicity of the story and by the tried-and-true… Continue reading 8 Wealth Building Lessons From the Richest Man in Babylon

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Bless Garba "You don't escape from something; you escape to something. Otherwise, it doesn't work." - Dan Lok Having a great escape plan from your present failures is likely an amazing inspiration for wealth creation. It should be the motivation needed to push your future goals and dreams of having a Wealthy Lifestyle of Choices… Continue reading MONEY MATTERS EPISODE 1 – DO NOT BE CHEAP

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A Day At The Dental Clinic And The Tax Office

On Sunday, my daughter's gum was bleeding. We got her to gaggle and gave her some paracetamol. The general consensus was that it was a teething issue. I decided that it made more sense to get a dentist to look at the gum just to be sure. I got the necessary approvals and we headed to… Continue reading A Day At The Dental Clinic And The Tax Office

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Bless Garba  Everyone of us has a great plan for our lives. Yes we have an intention and desire to be able to make the future amazingly beautiful and sweet that we will give our best years working hard and forget to live or enjoy the moments well. Yet, we fail to recognise that it… Continue reading SECURE YOUR FUTURE NOW