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Meet The Tentmaker – Gift Osademe

We continue with our "Meet The Tentmaker" segment. Tentmakers are every day people who have a strong desire to maximize their lives and their online presence. Our  guest is Gift Osademe. We hope you enjoy the excerpts. ________ TTM: Tell us a bit about Gift's academic journey Gift: I have a degree in Microbiology. Then,… Continue reading Meet The Tentmaker – Gift Osademe

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Know The Entrepreneur Episode 3

Our guest for this episode is Adebukola Bassey. Enjoy the interview. KTE: Can you introduce yourself briefly? Adebukola: I am Adebukola Bassey. I started BMS Editorial Services to develop and enhance written content for organisations and individuals. KTE: Are you currently practising what you studied in school? Adebukola: Yes, in many ways. I studied a… Continue reading Know The Entrepreneur Episode 3