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How to Leverage Online Communities to Grow Your Business

Steve Shideler, CEO of Fan Shop HQ, shares how he transformed two sports-related Facebook pages into an ecommerce company. Find or create a niche online community. See which online communities fit your niche and get involved in the conversations already happening. Shideler says you can then “start repurposing that content and using your voice behind… Continue reading How to Leverage Online Communities to Grow Your Business

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Be A Financial Improvement Specialist

I got this on WhatsApp. ----- “A single idea – the sudden flash of an idea – may be worth a million dollars.” (Robert Collier) In consultative selling, you position yourself as a consultant, an expert, an advisor, a helper and teacher in the sales situation. Above all, you position yourself as a problem solver.… Continue reading Be A Financial Improvement Specialist

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Dealing With Chronic Debtors

QUESTION: How do you deal with chronic debtors that owe and REFUSE to pay no matter how nicely you ask. Apparently, for some businesses, they are necessary evils? ANSWERS Temitope: What I am doing for those begging is to be paying bit by bit. Once your money is complete, you can take your goods not… Continue reading Dealing With Chronic Debtors

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Bless Garba  The month of March just ended. It has been exciting and fun sharing stuff with you all. People will belittle you and try their best to tag labels to you for the past life you had lived or just to mock you or bring you down but who cares? Yes you may fail… Continue reading A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE

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Know The Entrepreneur Episode 3

Our guest for this episode is Adebukola Bassey. Enjoy the interview. KTE: Can you introduce yourself briefly? Adebukola: I am Adebukola Bassey. I started BMS Editorial Services to develop and enhance written content for organisations and individuals. KTE: Are you currently practising what you studied in school? Adebukola: Yes, in many ways. I studied a… Continue reading Know The Entrepreneur Episode 3