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FRIENDLY HEALTH WORKER 1. WORLD MALARIA DAY 2. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE AND DURING FASTING Moslem faithfuls will soon start fasting. Here are a few things to consider before and during fasting. __________________ START UP CORNER 1. START UP CORNER TOP PICKS Focus On The Strategy, Not The Tactic Many times, we get distracted by… Continue reading TENTMAKERS ONLINE BIMONTHLY ROUND UP – EPISODE 1

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Mutiat Sunshine¬† At this point, the doctors at the small hospital you are in decided that your case has passed their capabilities, they need a specialist, an infectious disease specialist to be exact. Especially when you complained to your nurse that you have been having non stop diarrhea. Stool with smell that can wake the… Continue reading MEDICAL STORIES SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

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Weekend Stories: Shirley Is Overwhelmed

Shirley was tired! It had been one day, one drama with Reuben since he had his unfortunate dream. He kept telling her that there was no smoke without fire. He decided to install a CCTV in the house to monitor her activities. She was tired of Reuben and his drama. If she had a job… Continue reading Weekend Stories: Shirley Is Overwhelmed

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Weekend Stories: Is Ibukun Losing Her Mind?

Ibukun spoke with Sayo about how his constant nagging and complaining drains her and makes her feel incompetent. Sayo told her that she was making a mountain out of a mole hill. Sayo told her that she was just being lazy. He said her parents had over-indulged her so she couldn't handle negative feedback. Ibukun… Continue reading Weekend Stories: Is Ibukun Losing Her Mind?

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Adanna and Friends Episode 6

The Cooking Hangout was a hit. James had started with the White Soup and Adanna could feel her "Mumu button" leaving her soul and heading to James' hands. She was mesmerized. Midway into his performance, he started to falter. Before long, he confessed that his sister had given him the tutorials but he forgot the… Continue reading Adanna and Friends Episode 6